Anytime Accident FAQs

Anytime Accident Plan - Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Anytime Accident Plan cover me for?

The Anytime Accident Plan pays lump sum benefits for bodily injury caused by accidents, and does not cover illness. Bodily injuries covered by this plan include fractures (excluding fingers and toes), dislocation of specified bones, anterior cruciate ligament injury (ACL) and internal injuries resulting in open abdominal surgery. Please see the Price Plan for details.

The plan also pays a daily hospitalisation benefit for hospital stays after the first 24 hours and up to 45 days, and a lump sum benefit after 14 days.

Who can qualify for Precise Protect’s Precise Protect’s Anytime Accident plan?

Any UK resident aged 18-69 inclusive can purchase a policy. We also have options to include cover for your partner, and/or your children. You can continue your plan until you reach 85 years of age.

How does the family cover work?

The family-friendly plans allow for any number of dependent children to be added to the plan so long as they are under the age of 18, or 23 years if in full time education, and living permanently with you, or their other parent (if relevant), in the UK. Note that children receive 50% of the benefit outlined in our Price Tables.  

Does the plan cover sport?

Yes, the Anytime Accident Plan covers you for all amateur sports with the exception of combat sports and Motorsports. If you do participate in Motorsports, please see our Motorsports Fracture Plan.

Am I covered in a car accident?

Yes, you are covered if you are injured in a car accident, so long as you are not taking part in a competition or an arranged event where you are driving at high speeds. You are not covered if you are a driver or passenger on a motorcycle, moped or scooter. Please see our Motorsports Fracture Plan if any of these may apply.

Am I covered when travelling abroad?

Yes, Precise Protect’s Anytime Accident Plan protects you when travelling abroad, so long as you have not been out of the UK for more than 12 weeks in the 52-week period prior to any claim.

Is there a limit to the number of claims I can make?

You can make up to four claims a year for each insured adult with a lifetime total maximum payout of £ 20,000 (Bronze), £40,000 (Silver) or £60,000 (Gold). Each claim can include multiple fractures or dislocations with a limit to a single benefit claim if a single bone or joint is broken multiple times. You cannot make a claim in the first 14 days of your cover.

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