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Hospitalisation Lump Sum

About Anytime Accident Plan

If you or your family enjoy an active lifestyle this plan is for you, providing lump sum payouts and hospital benefits in the event of fracture and dislocation injuries. 

  • Fracture or Dislocation (£250- £3,000)
  • Surgery for Internal Injuries (£500 - £1,500)
  • ACL Injuries (£500 - £1,500)
  • Hospitalisation Lump Sum Payments (£500 - £1,500)
  • Hospitalisation Daily Benefits (£25-£75)

Choose the best plan to meet your needs

5 reasons our Anytime Accident Plan is so special!

1. Plans start from as little as £7.50 per month

2. Family-friendly – pay the same price whether you have one child or a dozen

3. Immediate acceptance regardless of pre-existing injuries or medical conditions

4. Same low-cost premium regardless of age, occupation, sport*, health status or number of claims

5. Complete 24/7 cover, whether in the UK or travelling abroad, while at work or when enjoying your favourite sport*

Immediate Acceptance

You are just a few clicks away from getting protected. Our requirements are minimal:

You must be aged 18-69 inclusive to apply, and you can keep the policy until you turn 85!

You must be a UK resident, but you  are covered abroad so long as you are away no more than 12 weeks in the 52 weeks prior to making a claim

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Anytime Accident Plan cover me for?

The Anytime Accident Plan pays lump sum benefits for bodily injury caused by accidents, and does not cover illness. Bodily injuries covered by this plan include fractures (excluding fingers and toes), dislocation of specified bones, anterior cruciate ligament injury (ACL) and internal injuries resulting in open abdominal surgery. Please see the Price Plan for details.

The plan also pays a daily hospitalisation benefit for hospital stays after the first 24 hours and up to 45 days, and a lump sum benefit after 14 days.

Who can qualify for Precise Protect’s Precise Protect’s Anytime Accident plan?

Any UK resident aged 18-69 inclusive can purchase a policy. We also have options to include cover for your partner, and/or your children. You can continue your plan until you reach 85 years of age

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